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Nike Legend 10 Tiempo Pro FG 30 Year Anniversary Emerald Firm Ground

Nike Legend 10 Tiempo Pro FG 30 Year Anniversary Emerald Firm Ground

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30 years in the making and it keeps getting better. This edition of the Legend, the Nike Tiempo Emerald, celebrates three decades of playmaking craft and on-field majesty.

Made for those serious about their game, the newest iteration of these Pro cleats features the latest and greatest from Nike, starting with FlyTouch Pro engineered leather. Softer than natural leather, FlyTouch conforms to your foot and works with All Conditions Control (a grippy texture even in wet weather). Regardless of playing conditions, you’ll dictate the pace of your game.

FlyTouch Pro engineered leather is softer than soft, while still durable. This is a leap forward, helping the cleat mold to your foot for comfort without overstretching the material. Play with confidence: a knit inner sleeve gives you a secure, stable feel.

Lighter and sleeker than any other Tiempo to date, the Legend 10 is for any position on the field, whether you're sending a laser pass through the defense, going for goal, or tracking back to stop a breakaway. The game evolves, never fall behind.

Check out those microdots on the upper. They may look small, but these amplify touch zones for shooting, dribbling and passing. They make for a smooth look while taking out the extra padding. Moreover, they don't sacrifice the ball control you crave on the field. Nike shaved down the foam pods from the Tiempo 9 – now your foot can get even closer to the ball when it’s in your control. Instead, Nike molded the lines into the cleat. All Conditions Control (ACC) technology adds a grippy texture in both wet and dry conditions.

The plate blends conical studs in the heel for optimal traction and stability when braking and changing direction, just right under any conditions.

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